About Us

In late 2016 my company, The Good Collective, purchased the Baroni, Tomas and Emily by Tomas brands from Toucan, Inc. It’s an opportunity that I am thrilled to embrace and one that is not without great support. Most of our seasoned team continued on with the new company and I am thankful to call both original founders friends..

As a Humboldt county native (where both brands were born and raised), I have a unique appreciation for the legacies I’ve acquired. For as long asI can remember, I’ve been a wearer and sharer of these amazing products. As a consumer, I have always looked to these brands for style and quality.  As a business owner, I know our continued success depends on our ability to deliver beautiful products and unsurpassed service. 

So cheers to a new year, new adventures and plenty of shiny objects sure to surprise and delight.  
Keep watching... this is gonna be fun!

Chris Anderson

Wrangler | CEO